FISH in Spermatozoa

In order to complete a FISH test in sperm it is necessary to provide a sperm sample in a sterile container.

Contact the Genetics Laboratory at Institut Marquès

  1. When the date of the test is confirmed (via telephone or email)
  2. If the test is cancelled (via telephone or email)

+34 93 280 40 28
+34 666 58 21 41


A seminogram of the sample (a morphological assessment is not necessary).

Sending samples:

  • Send the sperm raw sample at room temperature. Not more than 24 hours should have passed between obtaining the sample and it arriving at our centre. Whilst waiting to send the sample, keep it in the fridge.
  • It should be sent well sealed with parafilm stretch sealing film and have the full name of the patient written on the outside in indelible pen.
  • Attach the request form.
  • Send via email the name of the courier service used, and the number/code of the package to
  • Send via courier to:


The results will be sent 3 weeks after the sample arrives in the Genetics Laboratory at Institut Marquès. Once the results are obtained these will be sent by encrypted email.