The Study of Meiosis in Testes

In order to complete a study of meiosis it is necessary to:

  • Send a sample of testicular tissue of approximately 0.5×0.5cm in size. The sample should be introduced into a plastic sterile container (e.g. criotube Nunc 0.8 ml, tube type Falcon 14 ml or Eppendorf tube) and filled with saline solution kept at approximately 5ºC (this should come from a 10ml bottle that should be opened only once the testicular sample has been taken and placed in the tube).
  • Make sure the container is correctly sealed and labeled with the full name of the patient.

Contact the Genetics Laboratory at Institut Marquès

  1. When the date of the test is confirmed (via telephone or email)
  2. If the test is cancelled (via telephone or email).

+34 93 280 40 28
+34 666 58 21 41

Sending samples:

  • Send the sample to the Genetics Laboratory at Institut Marquès the same day it was obtained. If this is not possible, then keep the sample in the fridge until it is sent the following day.
  • The samples can only be received from Monday to Thursday.
  • Complete the request form for the study.
  • Send via email the name of the courier service used, and the number/code of the package to
  • Send via courier to:


Please contact the Genetics Laboratory at Institut Marquès to find out more about the timing of the results. Once the results are obtained, these will be sent by encrypted email.