New room for egg donors as an appreciation (28/06/16)

In Institut Marques we have reformed our room for donors to give a more comfortable, warmer and welcoming atmosphere. The new space is made to show our gratitude to the donors, who with this gesture make it possible for another woman to become a mother

At Institut Marquès we have a proper oocyte bank, which would not exist if it was not for the generosity of our donors. Women, who choose to donate their oocytes to other women can fulfill a dream of being mothers.

Being aware of the importance of this action, Institut Marquès has reformed donor room to give a more comfortable, warmer and much more welcoming atmosphere.

The new space primarily made to show our gratitude to the girls, who decide to make this wonderful gesture. Thus, a large world map on the wall with the words “thank you” in different languages symbolises the gratitude of so many women from different countries that have been able to become mothers through our IVF with Egg Donation Programme.

For us it is an amazing and very emotional fact, and we want it to be reflected in our new room, where the girls, who come to donate their oocytes, are waiting for the appointment, to receive all information or to already initiate the treatment of donation.

At Institut Marquès we appreciate this gesture since the moment, when the woman comes to our centre to inquire about donation, whether or not the decision is clear. Therefore, we appreciate this first gesture with a gift. Because donating oocytes is donating life and it deserves our recognition.