Quality policy

Institut Marquès is a national and international reference centre in the field of assisted reproduction.

With nearly one hundred and fifty professionals working as a team, we offer personalised care based on a close-knit relationship between doctor and patient, with a commitment to continuously improve our treatments and services.

Each IM patient has their own team throughout their treatment, composed of a doctor, medical assistant, patient assistant and embryologist. Through the management of the teams, a tailor-made treatment based on excellence is provided, where  the high level of satisfaction of our patients can be observed.

All specialists are coordinated to offer our patients a service that combines state of the art technology and innovation with the most advanced methods of diagnosis and treatment. We pursue high quality standards at all times with good practice protocols and specific regulations in assisted reproduction.

For these reasons we are satisfied to work with the following values

Honesty and transparency

By strictly fulfilling the commitments we made to our patients, gamete donors and colleagues.


Applying it to all our actions and always respecting the current legislation.


Always putting first our vocation of doctors to any other factor, with care and understanding towards our patients who trust us.

Quality and safety

By continuously monitoring of all our procedures and the constant introduction of new technology. Our quality management policy is based on a commitment to continuous improvement.


Dedicating a large part of our resources to new processes, R + D + I and the continuous  improvement of treatments.

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