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Music enhances In Vitro Fertilisation

Institut Marquès has hosted a new live concert for embryos at its laboratories. The Irish Sharon Corr is one of the international artists that have performed exclusively for our “little patients”, with the goal of improving their embryonic development.

Sperm freezing kit carried out by the patient himself: Comfortable, easy and safe

Institut Marquès offers a new method for the patients to freeze their sperm themselves wherever they are. It facilitates the sperm collection to those men who are undergoing an Assisted Reproduction treatment

What can you do to improve your chances for embryo implantation?

Observe your embryos on your mobile with the Embryomobile: Institut Marquès is a center of excellence and transparency in assisted reproduction because it is the only one where you can really see how your embryos are.

Pre-implantation Genetic Test EXPRESS

Very few centers have the possibility to offer their patients the genetic study of their embryos in 48 hours. With IVF treatment with PGT Express, Institut Marquès offers the biopsy and analysis of all chromosomes when the embryo is three days old.

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Transparency and security: We are the only centre where you can see the results of your cycle live.

We plant a tree for every birth.

Get to know your ovarian reserve thanks to these tables prepared by Institut Marquès.

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Dr. Marisa López-Teijón’s opinion

Longing for pregnancy in times of coronavirus

My experience with patients these past months has been really wonderful. Many have told me that the lockdown has made them realise even in a clearer way the importance of “where and whom with they lived” and that they have missed having a baby. I am struck by how pregnant women and those women… Read more.

In its sixth edition, the Objetivo Bienestar platform has distinguished Dr Marisa López-Teijón with the Innovation Award for her “advances in Assisted Reproduction”. This year, the website has awarded the 8 personalities and brands that have made the greatest contribution to women’s wellbeing. Read more

Hopefully this finds you well. We would like to inform you that on the 15th last month I tested positive in a home pregnancy test. Yesterday was the 1st ultrasound and they estimate we are 6 weeks pregnant. Read more