• We are grateful every day
    (Oslo, December 2021). Read more
  • We are very happy!
    (Aix-en-Provence, December 2021). Read more
  • Institut Marquès, a fantastic experience
    (Marseille, November 2021). Read more
  • A beautiful result named Stella
    (Civitavecchia, November 2021). Read more
  • Your smiles made it all easier
    Turin, November 2021. Read more
  • Watching the beginning of your life was a great gift
    Barcelona, November 2021. Read more
  • A great and extraordinary momento
    Montpellier, November 2021. Read more
  • A magical embryo transfer
    Tours, October 2021. Read more
  • Thank you for treating us like people
    Nantes, September 2021. Read more
  • Five stars for Institut Marquès
    Turin, August 2021. Read more
  • One year ago today my pregnancy test was positive
    Barcelona, August 2021. Read more
  • At Institut Marquès, I felt at home
    Nîmes, August 2021. Read more
  • Thank you, Dr. Borja Marquès, for your support
    Corbera del Llobregat, august 2021. Read more
  • Rainbow Fertility Barcelona: reliable and profesional
    Civitavecchia, August 2021. Read more
  • My, and also yours, little great miracle
    Foggia, August 2021. Read more
  • A wonderful experience
    Dublín, July 2021. Read more
  • The most beautiful adventure of our lives
    Paris, July 2021. Read more
  • Impressed by your competence and your humanity
    Trento, July 2021. Read more
  • Thank you very much for opening your doors for me
    Stockholm, June 2021 Read more
  • Our hard work has paid off
    Edinburgh, June 2021 Read more
  • You have really helped us out
    Leeds, May 2021 Read more
  • Thank you for never making me feel alone
    Rome, May 2021 Read more
  • An incredible adventure in a clinic that knows how to stand out
    Lyon, May 2021 Read more
  • A very moving embryo transfer
    Mataró, May 2021 Read more
  • You have given us the family we wanted
    Amsterdam, May 2021 Read more
  • Impressed by Institut Marquès
    Poitiers, April 2021 Read more
  • Finally we have good quality embryos!
    Marsella, April 2021 Read more
  • Our choice of clinic: for us it was and will be Institut Marquès
    Toulon, abril de 2021 Read more
  • We have been in very good hands
    Barcelona, April de 2021 Read more
  • You have given me the ultimate expression of love
    Bari, February 2021. Read more
  • The girl who brings us joy
    Barcelona, January 2021. Read more
  • Our next trip starts at Institut Marquès
    Bordeaux, December 2020. Read more
  • Four years of endless love
    Rimini, December 2020. Read more
  • Creating families, a great mission
    Barcelona, October 2020. Read more
  • Thanks to our angel
    Girona, September 2020. Read more
  • We are over the moon
    London, August 2020. Read more
  • A gift from heaven that has filled us with joy
    Pisa, August 2020. Read more
  • The joy of motherhood
    Tivoli, August 2020. Read more
  • It’s a girl!
    Barcelona, August 2020. Read more
  • You have given us hope
    Lyon, August 2020. Read more
  • Thanks for your professionalism
    Terrassa, August 2020. Read more
  • A being of light and hope
    Barcelona, June 2020. Read more
  • Institut Marquès will be my place
    New York, May 2020. Read more
  • An inexplicable love
    Toulouse, April 2020. Read more
  • Jonah, our third miracle
    Düsseldorf, April 2020. Read more
  • After all… it had to be her
    Barcelona, February 2020. Read more
  • We are trusting life
    Paris, February 2020. Read more
  • Bastian, our little miracle, has turned one year old
    Montevideo, December 2019. Read more
  • Luna, a huge present
    Barcelona, October 2019. Read more
  • Our little lion turns two months old
    Turin, October 2019. Read more
  • Today you are in my thoughts
    Trento, September 2019. Read more
  • All your dreams can come true
    Dublin, August 2019. Read more
  • You have given meaning to our lives
    Ulyanovsk, may 2019. Read more
  • Thank you for having made this unique moment possible
    París, may 2019. Read more
  • Aaron, the little angel who occupies my time
    Barcelona, may 2019. Read more
  • Lucky to have found you
    Barcelona, may 2019. Read more
  • You are an excellent clinic
    Savona, march 2019. Read more
  • A world class Institute
    Sidney, february 2019. Read more
  • You have donated us love
    Piacenza, february 2019. Read more
  • Thank you for your support
    Venice, february 2019. Read more
  • Thank you for your kindness
    London, february 2019. Read more
  • We knew you would arrive…
    Gerona, December 2018. Read more
  • The most beautiful Christmas
    Rome, December 2018. Read more
  • A beautiful sound: a heart beat!
    Ancona, December 2018. Read more
  • A journey full of love
    Santiago de Chile, December 2018. Read more
  • Our second bundle of joy is here
    Teruel, December 2018. Read more
  • Our Blessings Angel ​
    Sweden, November 2018. Read more
  • Happy Thanksgiving! ​
    New York, November 2018. Read more
  • Thank you a thousand times for helping us have our children!
    Mataró, November 2018. Read more
  • Institut Marquès, the FC Barcelona of fertility clinics
    Dublin, November 2018. Read more
  • Our dream has come true: Elena is born
    Teramo, September 2018. Read more
  • Do not give up
    Tarragona, August 2018. Read more
  • Institut Marquès, the best clinic
    Foggia, June 2018. Read more
  • Thank you for making us feel at home
    Roma, May 2018. Read more
  • Our little man, Giovanni
    Livorno, May 2018. Read more
  • Celeste’s kicks
    Pescara, April 2018. Read more
  • The angel that made our family possible
    Corck, March 2018. Read more
  • A wonderful and sunny girl thanks to you!
    Rome, February 2018. Read more
  • The most desirable dream
    Gerona, February 2018. Read more
  • Thank you very much for your patience and professionalism!
    Pistoia, December 2017. Read more
  • Being a parent is the most beautiful thing in the world
    Trento, December 2017. Read more
  • We are in heaven
    Murcia, December 2017. Read more
  • We are so excited!
    Rennes, November 2017. Read more
  • Our little 9 months miracle
    Sevilla, October 2017. Read more
  • Thank you for your affection
    London, August 2017. Read more
  • Today one year ago…
    Rimini, July 2017. Read more
  • Much more than a clinic
    Malena, April 2017. Read more
  • Our angel finally sleeps in our arms
    Lucca, March 2017. Read more
  • Thank you for making our dream come true
    Siena, February 2017. Read more
  • Thank you for helping us
    Barcelona, February 2017. Read more
  • The most wonderful Christmas present ever
    Tokyo, January 2017. Read more
  • Sharing our happiness and strength
    Emilia region, January 2017. Read more
  • Let’s continue to create life!
    Buenos Aires, January 2017. Read more
  • Institut Marquès, the best choice to win the battle
    Granada, December 2016. Read more
  • Enthusiasm to face a new challenge
    Barcelona, December 2016. Read more
  • One word: thank you!
    Materak, November 2016. Read more
  • The day in which we came back home with another family member
    Hospitalet, October 2016. Read more
  • I will teach him to be selfless and generous, as She taught me
    Pescara, October 2016. Read more
  • Thanks for helping us to take this path
    Versailles, September 2016. Read more
  • We are so happy to be parents
    Aldea, September 2016. Read more
  • One of the best experience in our life
    Arles, August 2016. Read more
  • We’ll be waiting
    Perpignan, August 2016. Read more
  • The key to our future happiness
    Tanger, August 2016. Read more
  • Yesterday I received a very nice gift from you
    Stuttgart, August 2016. Read more
  • We can not really express how we feel right now
    Mullingar, August 2016. Read more
  • We are delighted to have chosen you
    Turin, August 2016.Read more
  • A cocktail of Happiness, Love, Desire and Emotions
    Nantes, June 2016.Read more
  • It timely to update you and communicate our gratefulness
    Dublin, May 2016.Read more
  • Our “Little Chickpea”
    Cornellà de Llobregat, April 2016.Read more
  • Finally we have made our dream come true!
    Tarragona, March 2016. Read more
  • Bursting with happiness!
    Barcelona, March 2016. Read more
  • Completely in love with our boy!
    Manchester, March 2016. Read more
  • A life of light and joy
    Valencia, March 2016. Read more
  • I’m pregnant!
    Barcelona, February 2016. Read more
  • What would I do different if I could start again
    Barcelona, January 2016. Read more
  • You will always be my angel
    Barcelona, December 2015. Read more
  • Thoughts and emotions
    Sienna, October 2015. Read more
  • Jayden, our little blessing
    Melbourne, July 2015. Read more
  • Thank you for giving us a family!
    York, June 2015. Read more
  • A dream came true
    Verona, May 2015. Read more
  • Our biggest dream
    Perugia, March 2015. Read more
  • A Christmas Present
    Bologna, December 2014. Read more
  • Stars are in the sky, dreams I don’t know…
    Venice, November 2014. Read more
  • A simple thank you!
    Gerona, September 2014. Read more
  • You have completed our life
    Barcelona, September 2014. Read more
  • Always in our minds
    Sabadell, August 2014. Read more
  • Expecting baby number two!
    Leeds, August 2014. Read more
  • The “small miracle” of an embryo adoption
    Madrid, August 2014. Read more
  • Miracle workers
    Dublin, July 2014. Read more
  • A letter for you, my “Princess”
    Barcelona, July 2014. Read more
  • Being parents: the greatest gift of your life
    Saragossa, July 2014. Read more
  • A big thank you
    Genoa, June 2014. Read more
  • An experienced orchestra
    Brescia, June 2014. Read more
  • My super hero
    Sabadell, May 2014. Read more
  • The little and huge gift you have given us
    Barcelona, 23rd April 2014, our patron’s day, Saint George. Read more
  • Congratulations, my princess!
    Terrassa, April 2014. Read more
  • Azzurra, one of your treasures
    Florence, April 2014. Read more
  • I would like to capture that moment to make it eternal
    Calella, April 2014. Read more
  • Our great treasure
    Barcelona, April 2014. Read more
  • You have changed my life
    Madrid, March 2014. Read more
  • We couldn’t be happier!
    London, January 2014. Read more
  • Thank you for your commitment
    Zürich, January 2014. Read more
  • Mum on my own
    Copenhaguen, September 2013. Read more
  • Memories from the Embryoscope
    Munich, September 2013. Read more
  • Impressions about the clinic
    London, May 2013. Read more
  • Dear miracle team of Barcelona
    Belgium, March 2013. Read more
  • A poem by a patient
    Sidney, February 2013. Read more
  • Post transfer feelings
    Barcelona, October 2012. Read more
  • Dear “Kind Donor”
    London, June 2012. Read more
  • Embryo adoption
    Zurich, July 2012.
  • To my two Fairy Godmothers
    Barcelona, February 2012. Read more
  • Letter from a mother to her egg cell donor
    Barcelona, March 2011. Read more
  • Mother of three children thanks to an only donor
    Dublin, August 2011. Read more
  • Cristina’s thoughts: being a mother thanks to embryo adoption
    Barcelona, March 2011. Read more
  • The history of Sara: How it changed my luck
    Brusels, October 2011. Read more