Fertile, new technique to select the perfect sperm

Institut Marquès has implemented the FERTILE® Chip, a new technique for sperm selection in the laboratory. The goal is to improve the chances of success for IVF in cases of sperm with DNA fragmentation. The Fertile is the most recent addition to the technologies for sperm analysis.

This device, patented by Harvard University Medical School & Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), is designed to select the spermatozoa with the best morphology, reduced DNA fragmentation and lower levels of reactive oxygen species (ROS).

Fertile is indicated in cases of raised DNA fragmentation in the sperm, a pathology that can cause infertility, repeated failures in assisted reproduction techniques or lead to recurrent miscarriages.

How does Fertile work?

It is a single-use chip, which has two compartments connected through a microfluid channel. The sperm sample is placed into the entry compartment and once the sperm is classified, it can be picked up from the exit compartment. The procedure does not entail any additional risk to the sperm and it does not affect the embryo culture process.

Chip Fertile