Institut Marquès in Press

Dr Victoria Walker talks at length about what to expect when embarking on IVF

Mirror (17/10/2017)

declaraciones walker

IG NOBELS 2017: Pregnant mothers should play music in their vaginas and other weird findings

News Week (16/09/2017)

NewsWeek Ignobel

Dr.Victoria Walker talks about the egg freezing

Netdoctor (14/08/2017)

What are fibroids? Everything you need to know from symptoms to treatment options.
Elle (10/08/2017)


What are fibroids? Everything you need to know from symptoms to treatment options.
Cosmopolitan (09/08/2016)


IVF mums can watch embryo grow
Daily Mail (03/07/2016)


APP lets youwatch IVF embryo grow
The Times (03/07/2016)


APP lets youwatch IVF embryo grow
The Times (02/07/2016)


Now you can watch embryo grow in real time with an APP on your phone
Daily Mail (02/07/2016)


Embryo Adoption Programme of Institut Marquès: Women Come to Spain to Adopt Embryos
Market Watch (31/05/2017)


Embryo Adoption Increasingly The Answer In A Changing World
Huffington post (10/11/2016)


Fetal Stimulation Media Impact
July 2016


Can’t get enough of you Baby
Daily Mail (11/07/16)


White alright for IVF
Irish Daily Star (11/07/16)

Irish Daily Star

Fertility tourism sparks Spanish takeover of clinic
Independent (11/07/16)


Fertility tourism sparks Spanish takeover of clinic
Sunday Independent (10/07/16)

Captura Sunday Independent

My first, my last, my embryo 
Sunday world (10/07/16)

Captura Sunday World

Spanish group acquires Clane Fertility Clinic
Irish Times (30/06/2016)

Irish TImes_papel

Clane Fertility Clinic acquired by Institut Marquès
Irish Times (29/06/2016)

Irish Times

Interview to Doctor Álex García-Faura
Disability Today (27/06/2016)


– Big success of Babypod and Institut Marques in the Wearable Technologies in London
Clipping’s image (22/03/16)

Watch each stage of the beginning of life as new camera captures embryo development
Daily Mirror (09/03/2016)

Captura Daily Mirror

Fertility Clinic’s Software Allows Parents to Watch Embryos Develop in the Lab
ASMR (24/02/2016)


New App Allows Mom To Watch Embryos Develop After IVF
The bump (25/02/2016)


The app that shows the early stages of life developing: Fertility clinic’s software allows parents to watch embryos develop in the lab
Detroit Newstime (25/02/2016)


– IVF apps let anxious couples watch embryo on their phone
Metro (24/02/2016)


The app that shows the early stages of life developing: Fertility clinic’s software allows parents to watch embryos develop in the lab
The Daily Mail (24/02/2016)

The Daily Mail

Soraya Arnelas’ Christmas concert for future babies via the Babypod®


Singer performs Christmas carols into pregnant women’s VAGINAS (09-10-2015)


Singer performs bizarre concert for UNBORN babies (29-12-2015)

Amazing video shows babies singing in the womb
Daily Mail. (09-10-2015)

Good vibrations? How music improves IVF success
Baby world. (23-07-2015)

Institut Marquès a 7Gold TV
7Gold TV. (12-01-2015)

Single woman seeking fertility treatment rises
Irish examiner. (05-08-2014)

Fertility treatment still classed a taboo subject.
Female First. (15-07-2014)

Sharing infertility is still taboo.
Baby world. (08-07-2014)

Clic Medicina
Infertilità e tabu (01-07-2014)

Norwegian patients for egg donation – Bryter norsk lov for å få barn – kjøper egg fra fremmede i utlandet
TV2. (02-06-2014)

Musical IVF
Prima baby and pregnancy. (04-2014)

Daily Mail. (14-03-2014)

The start of life as seen in the smartphones
Irish examiner. (08-03-2014)

I nostre gemelli nati grazie alla musica
Ok Salute. (01-03-2014)

Fecondazione assistita: maggiore probabilità con la musica
Bimbi sani e belli. (01-2014)

Procreazione assistita a tempo di musica
La Repubblica. (18-11-2013)

The first IVF baby to be created in the presence of music is born in the UK
Daily Mail. (25-10-2013)

Playing music to IVF eggs increases fertilisation chances
Business Standard. (14-07-2013)

How music gives IVF eggs good vibrations by making them more likely to get fertilised
Daily Mail. (12-07-2013)

Patient testimonial
Daily Mail. (22-06-2013)

Egg freezing
Sunday World. (28-5-2013)

Sharp rise in women over 45 trying to have a baby
Irish Examiner. (06-05-2013)

Le Dr. Jordi Suñol parle sur RFI au sujet du mariage gay et la PMA pour des couples de lesbiennes et des femmes célibataires
Radio France Internacionale. (13/02/2013)

Le mariage gay et la PMA
M6. (26-01-2013)

First European baby free form Vanishing White Matter Disease Genome Research & Society (08-12-2012)

Espanha vira meca do turismo reprodutivo
BBC Brasil. (10-09-2012)

Childless Irish flock for embryo adoption
The Herald. (28-07-2012)

High Irish uptake of world’s first embryo adoption programme
Medical Independent. (26-07-2012)

Egg donation
Newstalk. (20-06-2012)

Older mothers flock to Spain for egg donor pregnancies
Irish Daily Mail. (18-06-2012)

IVF clinic says 50% of couples want twins.
Irish Examiner. (18-04-2012)

The Penelope Syndrome.
La Repubblica. (27-03-2012)

Egg donation in Spain.
Irish Times. (21-11-2011)

New tecnique for examining embryos doubles the change of pregnancy.
Irish Examiner. (5-1-2011)

Fertility method raises pregnancy rates.
Irish Times. (4-1-2011)

Bristish patients trying for a baby with us
BBC. (17-11-2010)

Adoption d´embryons.
Radio France. (20-10-2010)

I couldn’t be a mother…until I went to Spain
The Telegraph. (11-07-2010)

Hundreds of Irish women flock to Spanish fertility clinic
The Mail on Sunday. (06-06-2010)

Eggs the factor
The Sunday Mirror. (06-06-2010)

Rush to Spain for IVF is up 100pc
Herald. (08-09-2009)

A patient tells her history about fertility
The Sunday Post. (01-02-2009)

– DEUTSCHE WELL TV (10-09-2008)
English version

Irish head to Europe for egg donation
The Sunday Times. (10-08-2008)


Don et adoption d’ovocytes
Europe 1 – Carnet du monde. (02-05-2007)

Babyurlaub an der Costa Blanca
Die Welt. (11-03-2007)

“Fenómen dnes”.

Wunschbabys aus Madrid
Handelsblatt. (27-12-2006)

Baby Born From 13 Year Old Frozen Embryo.
Future Pundit. (05-11-2006)

Baby Born From 13 Year Old Frozen Embryo
Future Pundit. (05-11-2006)

Baby born a record 13 years after embryo was frozen
The Guardian. (04-11-2006)

‘Record’ IVF baby born from an embryo deep-frozen for 13 years
Times. (04-11-2006)

“Spagna: Boom di diagnosi preimpianto”
Agencia ANSA. (08-09-2006)

“Marie Claire” Edición Rusa

“The World”
BBC. (12-09-2006)

“Trying for a baby in Barcelona”
The Times. (04-07-2006)

Spain becomes the destination of choice for fertility tourists from Britain
The Guardian

The Instituto Marquès is one of the leading fertility clinics in Spain, offering a host of fertility related treatments (27-03-2006)


Congelados em clínicas de reproduçào milhares de embriòes…
VEIA. (22-03-2006)

Ecosse: And baby makes four:
Timesonline. (29-01-2006)

Passport, tickets, suncream, sperm…
The Guardian. (01-2006)

Primer nacimiento a partir de un embrión congelado adoptado
Sochipe. (03-11-2005)

E’ nato Gerard, il primo embrione adottato
Corriere Della Sera. (03-11-2005)

Embrioni adottati, nasce primo bimbo
ANSA. (03-11-2005)

Ein Embryo für 2500 Euro
Abendblatt. (08-03-2005)

Aus dem Kühlfach adoptiert (08-03-2005)

2500 Euro für einen tiefgefrorenen Embryo (07-03-2005)

España busca madres adoptivas para salvar embriones olvidados
El Tiempo. (06-03-2005)

Women adopt frozen embryos
Reuters. (28-02-2005)

Embryo adoption.
The Guardian. (28-02-2005)