Why choose Institut Marquès?

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Personality: we are the most awarded clinic

We are different from the rest of centres: restless professionals constantly seeking improvement and excellence. We have a Scientific Committee and we present our work in the most important congresses at national and international level. We also offer courses, trainings and congresses in our facilities.

We dare to do research and to look for new areas where we can innovate in reproductive medicine: the effects of music at the beginning of life, the importance of the man in the Assisted Reproduction process, our commitment in the preservation of the environment, just to mention some examples.

We are pioneers: we launched the first embryo adoption programme, we are the authors of the first studies on the sperm quality in Spain, Italy and Ireland and we are the most awarded clinic, with the recognition of prestigious institutions such as Harvard and the MIT.

Personal approach and trust: The best treatment for each patient

We will offer you a tailor-made treatment with a human, warm and personal service. Each patient has their own doctor who will accompany them throughout the process, from diagnosis to pregnancy follow-up.

For us, communication with the patient is paramount: We want you to feel heard and informed at all times. You will be living a unique moment and we want it to be special. For this reason, we have thought about your comfort, your privacy and your safety also when designing our facilities.

By your side at all times: Also remote

Our patient care service and our team of medical assistants will always be available to answer your questions and meet your needs. We will schedule your treatment so that you only have to travel when necessary.

Transparency and guarantee

From the very first moment, we study with each patient his or her alternatives, the treatment and the technique that best suits his or her situation, in an honest and transparent manner. We involve you in every step of the process so that you are fully implicated. For example you will be able to see your embryos as they develop in the incubator thanks to the Embryomobile. It is also a guarantee that we have our own donor bank, both for eggs and sperm, to always find the best donor for each couple.

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Institut Marquès will always be a personal and family project. We represent 100 years of history and four generations of gynecologists. We are doctors and we are exclusively dedicated to Assisted Reproduction and Gynecology.

Male study

Very few centres have an Andrology Unit in order to assess the male factor in depth in the diagnosis. We can avoid 50% of the failures in IVF cycles with egg donation thanks to the study of the male fertility.

Technology and safety

We have state-of-the-art laboratories, the best team of biologists and we follow strict safety and quality protocols in all our centres. We also have the best complementary techniques: we choose for each patient those that will help them achieve the goal of having a child: Pre-implantation Genetic Test (PGT), ICSI, IMSI, Fertile…

Best results

We achieve these thanks to the quality of our team and to continuous innovation: study of development and selection of the best embryos, new techniques and environmental factors. We have interdisciplinary committees for special hardship cases and we share them in our clinical sessions.

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