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Embryo cells work as a team to repair themselves


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Becoming a mother after cancer


Which music stimulates your baby?


All embryo chromosomes can be analysed within 48 hours and implanted in the woman on the 5th day of life


The ovarian age of a woman is not that on the ID


Over 500 trees have already been planted at the Forest of Embryos near Barcelona


Embryos have the capacity to self-repair from the second day of life


Patients who monitor their embryos have higher success rates


False myths about fertility


State-of-the-art technology to improve the results in assisted reproduction


Which music stimulates your baby?


Sharon Corr and Álex Ubago celebrated Institut Marquès’ Ig Nobel Prize by singing to the embryos


The myth about talking to the baby through the mother’s belly is a thing of the past


Institut Marquès presents its studies on music and the beginning of life at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

– Less anxiety during fertility treatments
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– Will babies recognize their mother’s voice at birth?

– Embryo adoption available in Ireland for first time

– Newborns do not recognise their mother’s voice because they cannot hear it during pregnancy

– Internationally renowned Institut Marquès Acquires Clane Fertility Clinic

– Internationally renowned Institut Marquès Acquires Clane Fertility Clinic

Erotic Personal System by Institut Marquès

Embryomobile and Babypod: Spanish technology that provides peace of mind to parents-to-be

Christmas concert for future mums shows babies “singing” in the womb

Spanish researchers discover the way through which foetuses really hear and respond to musical stimuli

World’s first concert for embryos in an IVF clinic

Infertility is a taboo subject depending on where you live

The first IVF baby to be created in the presence of music is born in the UK

Music enhances In Vitro Fertilisation

Couple in UK, embryo in Barcelona: direct connection thanks to the Internet

British women who travel to Barcelona for fertility treatments seek an egg donation

Couples from the United Kingdom and Ireland come to Spain to adopt embryos

Embryoscope, an embryo incubator that increases the chances of pregnancy

The uterus moves the embryos for their correct implantation

Half the Irish couples (51%) undergoing reproduction treatments prefer twins

Almost half the British couples (45,5%) undergoing reproduction treatments prefer having twins

Poor sperm quality is related to the transmission of toxic substances during pregnancy and lactation.

7 out of 10 British women that travel to Barcelona to become mothers are over 40 years of age.

Testicular puncture, essential to detect the origin of infertility.

Thawing semen at higher temperature helps to improve quality.

Barcelona hosts the International Congress of Andrology.