Excellence in Assisted Reproduction

Institut Marquès was born 100 years ago. Nowadays it has become an international reference in Assisted Reproduction, Gynecology, and Obstetrics, with offices in five European countries.

Why choose us?

  • Because we, like you, meet our goals and commitments. We don’t guarantee pregnancies. We guarantee a job well done and continuous innovation.
  • Because you’ll be able to control the whole process. We have created an exclusive platform that allows you to observe the development of your embryos online.
  • Because we share with you the passion for excellence, we are the most awarded clinic. We improve our results and the attention we offer every 6 months.
  • Because at Institut Marquès we work with outstanding professionals.
  • Because at Institut Marquès we have own egg bank and own Premium Sperm Bank.
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And because we offer you:

  • Best success rates.
  • No waiting lists.
  • Leadership in R+ D+ I and reproductive technology.
  • The fact of being pioneers in the development of the world-widest Embryo Adoption Programme.
  • Transparency: Thanks to the Embryomobile our patients can follow in real time the evolution of their embryos from their mobile phone or computer.
  • Safety in all treatment processes.
  • Broad egg and sperm donation programme suitable for all races and physical traits.
  • Guarantee of 6 mature oocytes per cycle with egg donation.
  • The possibility of collecting a sperm sample in the UK and ship it to Barcelona, where IVF will be carried out in case of an Egg Donation cycle. This way, you’ll need to travel to Barcelona just for the embryo transfer.
  • Preimplantational Genetic Diagnose Programme for patients with fertility problems and hereditary diseases.
  • Refunding Programme available for reproduction techniques.
  • Personalized attention in Spanish, Catalan, English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, and Russian.
  • Possibility of making an appointment via Skype as well as an informative videoconference.
  • Psychological consultation service specialized in fertility treatments.
  • Availability all 365 days a year. Telephone emergency line all 24h a day.
  • Centres in Barcelona, Sabadell, Rome and Milan.
  • The fact of being pioneers in the use of music applied to Assisted Reproduction.
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www.institutomarques.comreproduccion asistida.html