At Institut Marquès we have a constant desire to keep on researching in order to discover the latest scientific and health advances. Therefore, various institutions and associations from different sectors recognise our work with exceptional prizes.

21 Elite Women in Business, 2021

Dr Marisa López-Teijón has been selected by the magazine Aspioneer as one of the most outstanding professionals of 2021. Its special edition “21 Elite Women in Business, 2021”, highlights the work of those entrepreneurs who are leading change by breaking the “glass ceiling” and making an impact in the business world. This magazine is distributed internationally with subscribers around the world. It is aimed at professionals and managers in all types of organisations with the objective of keeping them informed of trends in different sectors.

Aspioneer has created a well-known “ranking” dedicated to women in business with the aim of making their contribution to the transformation of the economic and social system visible, but also to offer an inspiration to all those who dream of making their way among the new generations of leaders. That is why, in her interview with Dr Marisa López-Teijón, it highlights her career and the success story of Institut Marquès. This article also analyses the future challenges in Assisted Reproduction faced by professionals such as Dr López-Teijón in order to help families who wish to start a family.


The 10 Dexterous Business Leaders of 2021

The business magazine Mirror Review has become a prestigious platform for technology lovers, business people and entrepreneurs. In its May issue it has chosen the Director of Institut Marquès as one of the most dexterous leaders of 2021 and it has included her in its ranking The 10 Dexterous Business Leaders of 2021.

Dr Marisa López-Teijón has been chosen as an example of innovation and application of technological solutions in the field of Assisted Reproduction. In an extensive interview in the magazine and on the website of this international publication, Dr López-Teijón explains how our centre has managed to improve success rates in fertility treatments thanks to the use of the latest innovations in In-Vitro-Fertilisation laboratories.

Adapting to changing times and striving for excellence in patient care have made Institut Marquès a renowned international centre that treats patients from more than fifty countries, explains the Director of Institut Marquès.



Institut Marquès, National XXI Century Medicine Award in Assisted Reproduction

For its nearly 100 years of experience, its commitment to innovation and the excellence it demonstrates every day in helping families in more than 50 countries to make their dream of becoming parents come true, Institut Marquès has been distinguished with the National XXI Century Medicine Award in the category of Assisted Reproduction.

The organising committee of the awards has highlighted the international projection of Institut Marquès and its contribution to research into the treatment of infertility. It is one of the centres with the best success rates in In Vitro Fertilisation and the best technology in Assisted Reproduction.

Dr Marisa López-Teijón, Director of Institut Marquès, was in charge of collecting the award at a ceremony attended by prominent members of the medical and healthcare world.

The “National XXI Century Medicine Award ” honours the work of professionals, hospitals, clinics and institutions in the medical sector in Spain. Its goal is to promote excellence and knowledge. The award-winning professionals cover more than 30 medical specialties and, according to the jury, stand out for their dedication, competitiveness, effort, tenacity and creativity.

“Top 10 Most Influential Business Leaders to Follow in 2021”

The special 2021 edition of the Industry Wired magazine has chosen the most influential leaders in the business world based on their experience and authority. This magazine, published in the USA, has selected Dr Marisa López-Teijón, Director of Institut Marquès, among the managers to follow in 2021. It highlights her leadership in Reproductive Medicine and her contribution to this sector. In the interview that Dr López-Teijón gave to Industry Wired, she highlights the importance that Institut Marquès has given to innovation in Gynaecology, Obstetrics and Assisted reproduction since its founding. In this sense, the magazine underlines Dr López-Teijón’s studies on music at the beginning of life and also on the role of the male in assisted reproduction processes.

The Director of Institut Marquès, Dr Marisa López-Teijón, selected among the ten most influential women in the health and medical sector.

Business Beyond Exclamation (b!) is an international magazine that focuses on the business sector from the point of view of the most influential entrepreneurs and business leaders. Its aim is to discover the people who inspire the transformation of our world and are decisive in technological evolution through their knowledge, achievements and work.

In its first issue of 2021, it features the ten most influential women who are making a difference in the health and medical sector. The research team at Beyond Exclamation! wanted to acknowledge the work and career of Dr Marisa López-Teijón, Director of Institut Marquès, by including her in their list and choosing her for the cover of this special edition.  Read more

Objetivo Bienestar 2020 Award for “Excellence in Assisted Reproduction”

In the fifth edition of its awards, the online magazine Objetivo Bienestar has chosen Institut Marquès as one of the eight companies that have contributed the most, during 2020, to the well-being of women.

The award for “Excellence in Assisted Reproduction” represents a recognition of the trajectory of Institut Marquès as a pioneer clinic introducing the latest techniques in Assisted Reproduction in our country.



This award also responds to the effort to normalise the treatment of infertility and to vindicate the right of all women to be mothers whenever and however they decide. The 5th edition of the Objetivo Bienestar Awards has been held online with different actions on the Internet and on social media. Since its creation in 2014, Objetivo Bienestar is a pioneering Spanish website focusing on health, nutrition and healthy habits. Hand in hand with the best experts and professionals in the sector, it has more than 500,000 monthly readers. Its beauty and lifestyle contents are also pioneering due to its sustainable and ecological point of view.

Institut Marquès, one of the most innovative companies of 2020 by CXO Magazine

The renowned American magazine CXO Fortune has chosen Institut Marquès as one of the most innovative companies of the year for its contribution to the development of new technologies and for the quality of its services and treatments. Published in the magazine of August, as well as on its website, it has devoted an extensive report to the new technologies applied to reproductive medicine at Institut Marquès.

In its article, CXO Fortune highlights the trajectory of Institut Marquès. It attaches great importance to its history and the familiar character of its origins. In today’s society, with the delay of motherhood, the emergence of new family models and the increase of fertility problems, Institut Marquès is considered by this magazine as one of the most advanced international clinics in terms of technology and services in Assisted Reproduction. Embryomobile, Sperm FreezeKit, the Erotic Personal System or the use of music in the In Vitro Fecundation laboratory, as well as the scientific and informative trajectory of its director, Dr Marisa López-Teijón, are some of the differential values of Institut Marquès according to CXO Fortune. Thanks to this recognition, Institut Marquès has received the certificate of excellence and the seal of quality of the publication.

“30 best Leaders to watch”: the magazine The Silicon Review includes Institut Marquès in its annual ranking

Institut Marquès is one of the companies selected by the renowned business magazine “The Silicon Review” as one of the top 30 companies to follow: “30 Best Leaders to watch”. This magazine, dedicated to discover the most influential innovations worldwide, is published in California and backed by the world´s leading technology institution.

This magazine specialising in technology highlights the innovations of Institut Marquès in reproductive medicine, such as Embryomobile and the use of music in incubators during the embryo development. Also, its research in terms of male fertility, the embryo adoption programme, the good laboratory results, as well as the development of Babypod and its studies about the effect of music in foetuses during pregnancy. Read more

Institut Marquès is the assisted reproduction clinic with best medical practices in 2020.

Institut Marquès has been recognised by the prestigious international platform ACQ5 as the assisted reproduction clinic with best medical practices in 2020. The “Best Medical Practice Operator of the year” is part of the “ACQ5 Country Awards” that are awarded to those organisations and individuals that demonstrate high rates of excellence and quality in their expertise sector, and to those who are considered to have made the greatest contribution to the growth of their country in recent years. Created in 2006, the ACQ5 Country Awards select each year the winners of each category by strict ballot among its more than 215,000 subscribers. It is the oldest and more far-reaching prize currently awarded in this business area. At the end of last year, nearly 110,000 votes were received to appoint the 2020 winners.

Assisted Reproduction Physician of the Year.

Doctors specialising in Assisted Reproduction have chosen Dr Marisa López-Teijón as the “Assisted Reproduction Physician of the Year”, taking into account her work, her achievements, trajectory and engagement This award is granted to 20 Spanish doctors of different specialties. In the case of Dr López Teijón, the social impact of her work in the assisted reproduction field stands out. She received the award in Madrid the course of an event with the attending of journalists, politicians and CEOs from the medical community

Innovation & Excellence Awards 2020.

Institut Marquès has been chosen as “Reference Centre in Assisted Reproduction 2020” by the International Networking and corporate information platform “Corporate Live Wire”. Institut Marquès also becomes part of the annual Innovation and Excellence Awards guide that this platform distributes among companies and professionals from all over the world. The nominees for the award are selected taking into consideration factors such as service, innovation, experience and sustainability, among others.
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ACQ5 Global Awards 2019.

The renowned International platform ACQ5 has awarded Institut Marquès as European Company of the Year in two different categories: Healthcare Category in Assisted Reproduction and Gynaecology and “Gamechanger of the year” for setting trend in this healthcare area. The ACQ Global Awards have been held since 2006 and select the winners of each category by strictly voting among its more than 215.000 members. This is the oldest and most far-reaching award of this business area. In 2019, nearly 97,500 nominations were received.
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The Forest of Embryos, selected among 101 business actions examples #ForTheClimate (#PorElClima).

Institut Marquès’ Corporate Social Responsibility project, “The Forest of Embryos”, has been selected by the community project #PorElClima as one of the 101 business examples that are recognised for their commitment and work against climate emergency. These 101 initiatives are part of a report that is presented in the context of the United Nations Conference on Climate Change, which will take place in December 2019 in Madrid.
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ASEBIR award 2019 for the research of Institut Marquès about embryo evolution.

At the 10th Congress of the Spanish Association for the study of Reproductive Biology (Asebir) the study “Embryos able to exclude multinucleated cells during blastulation increase their reproductive potential” has received the Asebir Award 2019.
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Dr Marisa López-Teijón was awarded the European Medal for Merit in Work 2019 at the European Association of Economy and Competitiveness in Madrid.

The European Association of Economy and Competitiveness (AEDEEC) has awarded Dr Marisa López- Teijón the European Medal for Merit in Work 2019 in recognition of her brilliant professional career and for her great work as CEO of Institut Marquès. This distinction is awarded based on “optimal compliance with quality standards, customer satisfaction, her trajectory in the healthcare area, among other parameters”.
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Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Award as the best International Centre of Gynaecology, Obstetrics and Assisted Reproduction (GHP Magazine).

This is awarded it is a recognition to its nearly 100 years of existence has succeeded in making a change in the fertility market and has ended up being the best International Reference Centre for Gynaecology, Obstetrics and Assisted Reproduction.
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First Prize of the SEGO in the Area of Interest of Sterility and Infertility, 2019 (35th Congress of the SEGO).

The presentation of the findings of a study about single blastocyst transfer has been awarded at the 35th Congress of the Spanish Society of Gynaecology and Obstetrics (SEGO). The study proves that, under optimised conditions within the In-Vitro Fertilization Laboratory, transferring a single embryo in blastocyst stage minimises possible obstetric risks associated to multiple pregnancies and it even improves pregnancy rates.
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Third prize of the French Society of Reproduction, 2019 (21st National Conference of the French Society of Reproduction, SFR).

Being able to watch your embryos from your mobile phone can increase up to an 11% the pregnancy rates. This is the finding of a scientific study by Institut Marquès, presented at the French Society for Reproduction (SFR) congress. This study has been awarded as the third best one, thus placing value to the work of the medical team of Institut Marquès.
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Award Dr Gómez Ulla for Healthcare Excellence 2019.

The Director of Institut Marquès has received the award Dr Gómez Ulla for Healthcare Excellence, granted by the Instituto para la Excelencia Profesional (IEP). This organisation recognises the commitment and passion in their search for excellence of professionals of the medical and pharmaceutical sectors.
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Previous years

Third prize on the competition for the best scientific contribution at the “Societé de Médecine de la Reproduction” Congress 2018.

The communication “The atmospheric pollution diminishes the blastocysts rate in IVF cycles”. This study obtained the third prize on the competition for the best scientific contribution at the “Societé de Médecine de la Reproduction” Congress, in Montpellier. The study shows how atmospheric pollution adversely impacts on In Vitro Fertilisation.
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“Cordón y el Pin Académico” by the Ilustre Academia de Ciencias de la Salud Ramón y Cajal.

This award acknowledges the Dr. Marisa López-Teijón accomplishments during her professional career in the field of Assisted Reproduction.

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The most downloaded study in Ultrasound journal.

“Ultrasound”, the journal of the British Medical Ultrasound Society (BMUS), has published our study entitled “Fetal Facial Expression in Response to Intravaginally Transmitted Music”, an innovative research project on fetal hearing. This is the most downloaded study in Ultrasound.
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Award to the most interesting scientific contribution at the 12th meeting of the Irish Fertility Society.

The communication on the beneficial effects of “Embryomobile” on IVF procedures has been recognised by the Irish Fertility Society at its annual meeting in Dublin.

IGNobel Prize for Medicine, Harvard University

The research of Institut Marquès about music at the beginning of life was recognised at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) at Harvard University. Thanks to this award, the centre has had the opportunity to present its works at the most prestigious universities all over the world, such as the Imperial College in London, the Aarhus University in Copenhagen and the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm.
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National award: Finalist of best SEGO Work, 2017

The study “Determination of the specific reference values of the Anti-Müllerian Hormone, specifically for Spain” was awarded by the Spanish Society of Gynaecology and Obstetrics during its annual meeting.
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