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What can you do to improve your chances for embryo implantation?

Observe your embryos on your mobile with the Embryomobile: Institut Marquès is a center of excellence and transparency in assisted reproduction because it is the only one where you can really see how your embryos are.

Internationally renowned Centre in Gynaecology, Obstetrics and Assisted Reproduction. Two hundred professionals at your service.

Transparency and security: We are the only centre where you can see the results of your cycle live.

Always close to our patients: Visit our centres in Spain, Italy, Ireland and Great Britain.

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“Creating families in more than 50 countries”

Watching the images of the embryos through the Embryomobile increases up to an 11% the pregnancy rates of patients who have undergone an In-Vitro fertilisation cycle and an embryo transfer…

In Russia we did more than 10 IVF cycles with negative results. At Institut Marquès we did only two and there were both successful. We will always be thankful for that…