Institut Marquès offers a new method for the patients to freeze their sperm themselves wherever they are. It facilitates the sperm collection to those men who are undergoing an Assisted Reproduction treatment

Sperm freezing kit carried out by the patient himself: Comfortable, easy and safe

One of the most complicated steps for the male during the Assisted Reproduction process is to obtain their semen sample for an In Vitro Fertilisation or an Artificial Insemination. Many experience it as a stressful situation, which also obliges them to travel if they are far away from their clinic.

Now, thanks to Sperm Freezekit, the home-freezing kit, patients who are undergoing an Assisted Reproduction treatment only need to travel to the clinic for the embryo transfer.

They can have all appointments with the doctor by videoconference and use the new sperm freezing system at home to send their sample. This means a significant saving as you do not have to travel.

The shipment adapts to the patients’ schedule, so that they can choose when they want to send their sample. This procedure is a significant time-saver, a convenient, safe, easy-to-use alternative for men who prefer to collect the sample in the privacy of their home and share this part of the Assisted Reproduction process with their partner. In addition, it is also an economical saving, since travelling can be avoided.

They choose when and how they want to proceed.

The sperm self-freezing kit is also a new solution for those men wishing to preserve their fertility, for instance before undergoing a vasectomy or an oncological treatment, as well as for those men who require studies of their sperm such as chromosome analysis in sperm (FISH).

The new kit is shipped directly to the address provided by the patient. On the chosen day, he will receive a nitrogen tank where he will find everything necessary for the sperm cryopreservation, as well as detailed instructions and the description of the steps to follow.

The procedure is quick and simple. The patient has 48 hours to send back his sample once cryopreserved in the interior of the tank. The delivery company will pick it up at the appointed address in order to have it delivered to the clinic.

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– Prices:

  • Sperm self-cryopreserving service “Sperm Freezekit” (National shipment in Spain and Italy): 350€
  • Sperm self-cryopreserving service “Sperm Freezekit” (International shipment from EU countries to Institut Marquès Clinics in Spain or Italy): 550€

*This service is subject to the laws of each country and may be restricted or unavailable in some cases.

– Included:

  • Transportation: shipment and return to EU countries. (In case there is any variation in the transport fees that would affect the total price of the service, this would be communicated in advance).
  • Unthawing and first year maintenance.
  • Taxes

Dr. Marisa López-Teijón’s opinion

Physician of the Year in Assisted Reproduction 2019

A few years ago, I thought that men are often the forgotten ones in the assisted reproduction treatments and I decided trying to help them by improving the semen obtaining rooms and involving them in the treatment. But the truth is that most of them prefer to carry it out in the privacy of their homes. They also often have to travel to the clinic from far away with the time and cost that this involves. “Home freezing” and video-calls allow couples to travel to the clinic just once, on the date of the embryo transfer.