BANNER WEB Open Day UK 14 Mayo 2022 Dr Victoria Walker

Webinar – “Becoming a Mother thanks to Embryo Adoption: A True Love Story”

Date: Saturday 21st of May
Time: 10:00 AM (GMT+1)

Access to the free meeting on Zoom:

Meeting ID: 736 631 3767
Access code: marques

Free online consultations: 10.50 am to 2 pm

Personalised informative appointments of 20 minutes upon compulsory registration through the form below.

Institut Marquès is organising a webinar on how to become a mother thanks to Embryo Adoption, an Assisted Reproduction technique that consists of transferring to a woman embryos that carry the genetic load of another man and another woman and that have not been assigned by their biological parents after having undergone an IVF cycle.

The webinar, which is open to the public, will take place on Saturday 21st of May at 10:00 am on “Zoom” and will be hosted by Dr Victoria Walker, fertility specialist at Institut Marquès, followed by personalised informative appointments (20 minutes). 

Thanks to the individual appointments you will have the opportunity to talk about your situation and parenthood project to the doctor. You will be able to obtain all the necessary information for your future treatment.

These appointments are aimed at heterosexual couples, single women and lesbian couples, who wish to find out how Embryo Adoption can help them on their way to parenthood.

As a gift for booking one of the free informative consultations following the webinar, you will receive a personalised voucher worth 450€ for the free use of our Embryoscope (camera that continuously captures images of your embryos during their development), to be used within three months after the consultation on the 21st of May, should you pursue treatment at our clinic.

Individual appointments are possible on request by filling in the following form: