What is long culture?

The embryos are cultured in special conditions until the fifth day after the egg retrieval.

A blastocyst is a cluster of cells which contains a central cavity in the middle called blastocoel which is filled with fluid and is surrounded by two different cell layers. The external layer (trophoectoderm) will develop into the placenta and the internal layer will become the embryo.


What are the benefits of a blastocyst transfer?

Transferring embryos in the blastocyst stage allows a better selection of the embryos and improves the synchrony of the embryonic stage and the lining of the uterus, which increases the implantation rates.

This technique is indicated for patients who want to transfer only one embryo to avoid multiple pregnancies or for patients who have undergone several treatments and haven’t achieved a successful pregnancy.

Can all embryos make it to blastocyst?

No, not all embryos are able to evolve to this stage, but if the laboratory conditions are optimal and if it is used correct growth medium, 60 % of embryos will reach blastocyst.

Blastocyst cultures are indicated when the embryos show a good morphology on day+2 or day+3.

Can blastocysts be frozen?

Yes. For the process to be successful it is important to vitrify blastocysts of good quality, since not all blastocysts have the capacity to implant.

Our laboratory is very experienced in vitrification and devitrification of blastocysts, with a recorded survival rate of 99%.

Our laboratory is organized to achieve the highest rates of embryos in the blastocyst stage. To that end we count on:

  • Cutting-edge incubators that allow embryo culture in partial oxygen pressure.
  • Time-lapse technology (Embryoscope) which avoids having to take the embryos out of the incubator to evaluate its development and this way prevents oxidative stress this causes.
  • Special culture media.
  • Strict quality controls.

Thanks to this, 60% of embryos that are cultured in our laboratory make it to the blastocyst stage.

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