How to make a first appointment

What do we have to do to start an IVF cycle with semen or egg donation?

Make a first appointment by e-mail:
You must provide the following information for your first appointment:

  • Age.
  • Type of treatment you would like to undergo.
  • Medical record, tests performed and any information that you may have of previous cycles of assisted reproduction.
  • Preferred day of the week (Monday through Friday).

We will attend your request as soon as possible.

What should you bring at the first appointment?

You should bring as much information as possible about your medical record. Once you contact us, we will tell you what tests need to be performed before coming for your first appointment.
We need to know your blood group and Rh.
It is important that both members of the couple attend the first appointment in order to select the donor that best matches the phenotypical characteristics of the couple.