Single women

Being a single mother was, up until a few years ago, an issue. Nowadays, being a single mother has become a personal choice that does not imply being lonely: the new singles who come to our consultation count with broad friend and family support, which is essential for the development of maternity as a personal project.

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Why is the number of single women who wish to become mothers increasing?

In Spain, one in every five reproduction treatments is performed on single women. According to ANACER, the Spanish Association of Reproduction Clinics, this choice has increased by a 40% due to:

  • Diversification of family models and newly acquired values. Maternity as a personal choice doesn’t necessarily require being in a relationship.
  • Women’s incorporation to labour market and the problems finding stability up until age 35 and over, with the consequent decrease of the average fertility and the need to turn to Assisted Reproduction.
  • The difficulties many single-parent families are faced with when trying to adopt, both nationally and internationally.

What is the single mother’s profile?

According to M. Brichete’s study published in Psychological Intervention in Assisted Reproduction manual, their general traits are the following:

  • They are single by choice.
  • They are mature women ranging between ages 30 and 45.
  • They have voluntarily chosen single motherhood (due to professional reasons or to the lack of the right partner).
  • High academic level and / or qualified jobs.
  • An acceptable purchasing power despite being the only source of income at home.
  • Ability to combine work and school days.
  • They live close to their family, school, or work, and usually live in big cities.
  • They are autonomous and independent, with a great emotional balance.
  • They are confident and have initiative.
  • They represent the motherhood experience as a self-realization project

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