How is the semen sample obtained and handed in?

Semen must be obtained through masturbation in our obtention room, where our pacients find the EPS system. It must be handed in in a sterile container (same as those used for urine analysis), trying to collect the totality of the ejaculated matter.

Male infertility. Seminogram

Male infertility. Seminogram

  • It’s important that the sample is obtained 3 to 5 days after the latter ejaculation.
  • In case you have gone through a fever recently, you must wait a whole month before having your semen analysis taken.

Can a condom be used to collect the semen sample?

No, since it contains spermicide substances.

In special cases, condoms that lack these substances and that can be found in pharmacies can be used.

Male infertility. Seminogram

Male infertility. Seminogram

Is one sample enough?

On many occasions, giving in a second sample is advisable in order to confirm the diagnose, since the quality of a same man’s semen oscillates.

Does a seminogram guarantee a male is fertile?

No. A normal seminogram informs if ejaculated matter follows the parameters considered to be normal, but doesn’t assure his spermatozoids will be able to cross the oocyte’s outer layers and fertilize it correctly.