Choosing a fertility clinic

Starting a fertility treatment might be quite overwhelming. These are 13 basic traits you must consider before you choose your fertility clinic.

First, make sure the centre is renowned. All statistics show the best results are given by large clinics that treat many patients.

  1. Check the success rates and make sure these are audited by Health Authorities.
  2. See if it works with latest technology. Reproductive Biology advances quickly and it’s essential to be updated.
  3. The medical team must be composed by a broad number of doctors and biologists.
  4. It should be innovative and serve as a reference for other gynecologists.
  5. The centre should have years of experience behind it.
  6. It should be a reference centre and offer all fertility treatments.
  7. The medical team should include andrologists, as they will make an accurate study of the male whenever it’s required
  8. The centre should have its own sperm and egg bank. They will therefore have more information about the donor and you will feel more relaxed.
  9. It’s equally important that your clinic has a genetics lab for the study of embryos of its own.
  10. Your fertility clinic should welcome patients from other countries and communicate with them in their own language.
  11. It must grant personalized care which should also be friendly, fluent and effective. You must be able to contact them with an emergency throughout the whole day and night.
  12. It should allow you to contact the medical team however suits you best: either by mail, phone or videoconference. You should feel comfortable at all times.
  13. You should consider the price of the treatment.

Remember small centres cannot offer the best professionals nor the latest complementary techniques or medical equipment. According to all statistics, the best results lie in big centres.

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