Institut Marquès in Italy

Institut Marquès is the first international clinic offering a comprehensive solution for couples with infertility problems in Italy. Italian patients have now the opportunity to carry out all the Assisted Reproduction treatments, without leaving the country.

Thanks to the collaboration with Villa Salaria in Rome, a clinic with all necessary certifications to offer those services and carry out the medical prescription (License level 3), and with Institut Marquès’s centre in Milan, we can guarantee the best results in Italy, as we do at our Barcelona clinic. Institut Marquès Italy offers excellence levels, security and transparency, the best technology and cutting-edge techniques, as well as the extensive expertise required on the Assisted Reproduction field.

In Italy, it is possible to carry out without waiting lists, the following treatments:

For legal reasons, only those patients wanting to adopt an embryo, homosexual couples (Reception of Oocytes from Partner – ROPA Method) or single women wishing to undergo treatment with donor sperm must travel to Barcelona.

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Institut Marquès a Roma
In partnership with Centro leda

Via del Giordano, 34, 00144, Roma

Telphone: 0039 0697 628 734, 0039 0694 500 952

Institut Marquès Milan: Via Pallavicino 21

Telephone: 0039 0287 368 765