What is FISH in semen?

It is the study of the chromosomes in sperm by means of the use of fluorescent probes.

What does FISH permit us to study?

The FISH permits us to know whether or not the chromosomal composition of the sperm is normal. That is, it there exists a normal pattern of 23 chromosomes characteristic of the sperm.

Male infertility. FISH

Male infertility. FISH

Can one have children with abnormal FISH?

Yes. Although when the FISH is abnormal, not all the sperm are affected. Normally and depending on the quality of the semen, at least 10% of the sperm are usually affected.

What treatments exist when FISH is abnormal?

Conducting a Preimplantaional Genetic Diagnosis in the embryos obtained after the fertilisation of oocytes by sperm of samples of semen with abnormal FISH is recommended.

What advantages does the FISH have with respect to the meiosis study?

The principal advantage is that it is less invasive.

And what disadvantages does it present?

That the prognostic value is much less than that of the meiosis study.