Eleven steps to help you deal with infertility

  1. Acknowledge and accept your feelings. You can often feel despair, denial, guilt, anxiety, fear of being hopeful, fear of failure, tiredness… and many other emotions, but remember they are temporary.
  2. Think positive, imagine the process is a challenge and avoid feeling like a victim.
  3. Visualise your goal; imagine yourself holding your baby in your arms.
  4. Treasure your relationship and don’t let it be affected by treatment. Talk about it a few minutes every day.
  5. Stay busy. If possible, keep working and don’t hold unnecessary rest; if you’re distracted, time will pass faster.
  6. Comment what you’re going through with the people closest to you, though only you should decide when and how you talk about it. Ask friends and family for discretion and respect.
  7. It’s normal to feel rejection or sadness when around babys or pregnant women, even within your closest environment. If possible, avoid them temporarily.
  8. Remember a reproduction treatment can be a really romantic way to have children.
  9. Please note that with current advances, 95% of women who undertake reproduction treatments become mothers.
  10. Remember: wars are rarely won after the first battle, you must fight it ‘til the end.
  11. If you think you’re losing control, ask for psychological help. Important clinics have a team of specialists who will help you deal with it in the best way possible.

In a nutshell, make your wish of having a child stronger than all the obstacles. It will help you maintain hope throughout the process.

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