The embryo transfer

You will need to travel to Barcelona just for transfer.  We collect the semen sample in UK, then we will send it to Barcelona where IVF will be performed.

When is the embryo transfer performed?

Two to five days (blastocyst) after the oocyte retrieval, the embryo transfer is performed. We will be able to give you from 2 to 5 days advanced notice of the transfer date. (Depending on the case and whether we are using a fresh or frozen sperm sample).

How is the embryo transfer performed?

Although we are legally allowed to transfer up to 3 embryos, we rarely transfer more than 2. Twin pregnancies will occur in around 15% to 20% of patients. A full day avoiding strenous physical activity is adviced. Read more.

Are pregnancy rates with IVF with egg donation high?

Yes. IVF with egg donation is the assisted reproduction technique with the highest pregnancy rate per cycle. This is mainly due to the high quality of the oocytes obtained from young donors and the extraordinary conditions of our laboratories.

How long does the patient stay in Barcelona?

From two to three days.

What should I do between the embryo transfer and the day of the pregnancy test?

During these two weeks you can lead a normal life but avoid strenous physical activity, risky situations.

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