Reasons to come to Barcelona

Spanish legislation (Assisted Reproduction Law 14/2006) allows single women or homosexual couples to access assisted reproduction techniques in order to have a child, without requiring marriage. A woman’s access to Reproduction techniques is independent of her sexual orientation and marital status.

This legal advantage adds onto Barcelona’s renown for being the capital of European Reproductive Medicine. The excellence of its medical care and its commitment with biomedical investigation add up to its innovative and cosmopolitan character, all found in one of the cities with highest life quality.

Our centre’s success rates are worldwide competitive and we offer vanguardist reproductive technology that can grant our patients higher chances of pregnancy.

Techniques including egg, sperm, and embryo donation PGD allow continuous improvements of our treatments’ success. All these procedures are controlled and regulated in benefit of the patient. Additionally, Catalan health authorities audit and register every treatment performed by each centre within their territory annually.