Assisted reproduction with non-anonymous/known donors

What is it about?

In some countries, patients that have to resort to gamete donation for their Assisted Reproduction treatment can personally choose both their egg or sperm donor. They can do it either through a donor bank or by providing their own donor (a family member or friend of theirs, for instance).

In compliance with current laws, this treatment cannot be performed either in Spain or in Italy. Therefore, patients should go to one of the clinics with which Institut Marqués collaborates.

Doctora Lopez Teijon

Physician of the Year in Assisted Reproduction 2019

Dr. Marisa López-Teijón’s opinion

“Nowadays, thanks to the Internet and the multiple travelling possibilities, patients often prefer to visit centres abroad to fulfill their dreams of becoming parents, not accepting the limitations imposed by their closest environment. Society is changing and the fertility clinics must adapt to new concerns and demands. To help our patients on that matter, we have created a system so that they can undergo an insemination or an In Vitro Fertilisation with known or anonymous donors including all options mentioned above. You decide… and we make it work as easy as possible”. Read more.

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