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“Calm / Practical” temperament


The followers of Hippocrates would call it a “phlegmatic” temperament. It’s the nicest of all temperaments: they’re kind, quiet people who never lose their composure or get angry. When it comes to work, they are excellent companions as they are competent, with many administrative capacities and large mediators. They also enjoy a high concentration capacity. They respond well to pressure, can keep a cool head and always look for the easy way. They are eloquent and although they do not seek to be the leader they can become a very capable and positive one.

They are defined by balance and serenity, and can even become cold and calculating. They prefer not to get too involved and they may end up being listless. They have a lot of friends and are nice, but they keep in the distance, observing, far from action. Their weak points are laziness, lack of discipline and that they do not like to take responsibility. They are reluctant to change and creativity is not their strong point. They have a hard time making decisions.

Someone with this temperament is always willing to listen: compassionate and understanding although they do not like to show their emotions and affections.

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