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“Energetic / Impatient” temperament 


According to the doctors of ancient Greece, this type of temperament was described as “choleric“. They are people with strong will and impulsive feelings.

Among their strengths is leadership: they are determined and practical. They often have strong opinions that they try to impose by becoming even manipulative.  They are very active, optimistic and outgoing people. They plan their ideas and set very high goals. They don’t get discouraged easily, intuitive and ambitious, they have a lot of self- confidence.

People with a “choleric” temperament are smart and persuasive, they don’t usually accept a NO as an answer; they fight for their goals. As workers, they are fast and productive. They are those people who act first in an emergency. They adapt to change and are, above all, very independent and self-sufficient.

Among their weaknesses, the other side of the coin. They tend to be impetuous and temperamental. Often, they have a hard time concentrating and keeeping their attention. Impatient and stubborn, they do not like to lose, nor are they tolerant of weakness. They are usually very busy and dominant people who have little patience for the faults of others, even turning irascible. Their anger can last a long time. As friends, they can be very absorbing and value loyalty first and foremost.

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