Personality Matching

“Proactive / Impulsive” temperament


In ancient Greece Hippocrates called this character “sanguine“: they are warm, cheerful, optimistic, outgoing, communicative, talkative, enthusiastic, sociable and highly sensitive people. They adapt very well to changes but have concentration problems. They like to be the centre of attention, they need to feel loved and to love. They are very restless, intuitive, lively, optimistic and carefree individuals.

This type of temperament is common in athletes. Among its weaknesses is instability. They can also turn out to be selfish, undisciplined, disorganized, and will-free people. They tend to have a very variable mood and a certain insecurity. They always talk before they think, they can be exaggerated.

On the other hand, they are great seducers. They easily captivate their partners and find it hard to overcome rejections. They tend to make decisions based on feelings rather than reflection and have a great capacity to enjoy spreading their spirits to others. They love to have fun.

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