Personality Matching

“Sensitive / Creative” temperament 


Also described as “melancholic” temperament, it defines those very sensitive and often introverted people who prefer not to attract attention, who do not like to stand on the limelight. They are usually very talented individuals, for example poets or philosophers. Deep and with a great sense of beauty, they are creative, detailed and perfectionist. It is one of the richest temperaments: idealistic, scrupulous and, precisely because of this, they tend to feel pessimistic or negative in the face of any setback.

They choose their friends and colleagues well, although sometimes they can feel socially insecure. To them, they are faithful, loyal and attentive. They often solve other people´s problems thanks to their analytical ability and commitment: They always end what they start. They are not entrepreneurs, they always study thoroughly the pros and cons of any situation and spend too much time analysing.

They like routine, schedules and order, so they do not like changes very much. They concentrate on their tasks and, when they fall in love, they do so very seriously. They have very high standards, they are very critical, vulnerable and difficult to please; they also self- disapprove frequently.

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