Psychological and Pshychiatric support

The sudden notice of a fertility problem may menace a couple’s whole life project and lead to a number of symptoms and emotions that jeopardize their social and individual wellbeing as well as their self-esteem and relations.

Reproductively-challenged individuals show higher levels of anxiety, stress and depression that may lead to an inadequate confrontation of each step in the reproductive process. Seeking for help is necessary in order to sort out this new stage in life effectively. Also, one must take into account that, nowadays, the existence of numerous medical advances has greatly increased the possibility of satisfying the desire of becoming a parent in these cases.

It is common to feel surprise, astonishment, denial, rage, devastation, grief, guilt, exclusion, shock… But, if the previous are dealt with correctly, acceptance is finally achieved.

In some cases, professional psychological support will be necessary to face each reproduction stage successfully: one must detect and grow consciousness of the problem, face the diagnose, and finally start treatment – all these with anxiety and stress levels brought down to a minimum.

Institut Marquès counts with a specialized psychology department that, from a start, gets involved in each phase of the patient’s treatment, attends her basic psychological needs, gives advise to any doubt the couple might come up with throughout the process, supports and attends the emotional manifestations derived from the diagnose given, prevents and treats the psychological problems triggered by the process, helps both individuals in a couple conserve their stability, and encourages healthy habits during the treatment.

Furthermore, Institut Marquès has a coaching service for those patients who want emotional support during the Assisted Reproduction process. Institut Marquès collaborates with experts who offer their advice in Spanish, French, English and Italian. They can attend to those that they are interested in person or via Skype.

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