First birth with success from an ovarian tissue transplant removed during the mother’s childhood with the collaboration, during the treatment, of Dr. Federica Moffa.


In Belgium, a woman aged 27, originally from the Republic of the Congo, has become the first woman to give birth after a frozen ovarian tissue transplant, which was removed when she was 13 years of age, before puberty. Her fertility had been affected after a medulla transplant performed at that age due to a sickle-cell disease.

The ovarian tissue transplant, performed at the age of 25, has allowed her to become pregnant naturally, after getting back her period five months after the operation. Dr. Federica Moffa, currently a member of our Assisted Reproduction Unit, was part of the treatment and the follow-up of the patient when she was part of the fertility team of Hôpital Erasme of the University Libre of Brussels (ULB), collaborating centre of Institut Marquès.

Read the scientific article in Human Reproduction.