Discover our Labs: Virtual tour of the In Vitro Fertilisation and Andrology laboratories at Institut Marquès in Barcelona

During the European Fertility Week, Institut Marquès opened the doors of its laboratories offering a live broadcast on YouTube with one of our embryologists and in collaboration with the association “Red Nacional de Infértiles”

The tour starts in the changing room where you will discover all the safety and hygiene measures that are essential for accessing the laboratory. The entire In-Vitro-Fertilisation process is explained: from obtaining the semen sample to the complementary techniques that can be used in cases of particular difficulty.

We visit the operating theatre, the room where the embryo transfer takes place and the cryogenisation room where the gametes and frozen embryos are kept.

One of our most expert embryologists in the video shows all the details about her work and how the miracle of life is achieved at Institut Marquès on a daily basis.

*Don’t forget to set the subtitles on the YouTube video.