What is Embryo Medicine?

Embryo Medicine is a multidisciplinary science involving physicians, embryologists and geneticists specializing in embryo analysis. Its aim is to contribute to the possibility of children being born who are healthy and therefore free of chromosomal syndromes or hereditary diseases. To do this, we use high technology diagnosis and we consider each embryo as a little patient.

In recent years, In Vitro Fertilisation techniques have undergone spectacular development and can help an increasing number of patients with infertility problems.

Embryo Medicine allows us to analyze these embryos genetically using Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis. When this technique is applied in patients with In Vitro Fertilisation failures, it is confirmed that many of these embryos have alterations in the chromosomes, and we also know that these alterations increase with the woman’s age. Embryo Medicine also makes it possible to determine whether the cause of these alterations is of male origin, through tests that analyze the process of division of the chromosomes in the testicle (meiosis) and the chromosomal composition of the sperm (FISH in sperm), just as the correct structure of sperm DNA (DNA Fragmentation). All of these techniques allow us to find out why previous attempts at pregnancy failed and to contribute to the possibility of healthy children being born.