First live concert for embryos


This week, with the collaboration of the singer Antonio Orozco, we held the first live concert for embryos at our in vitro fertilization laboratory.

The popular songwriter sang three songs exclusively to the 380 embryos that were in process of development at the time in our incubators.

The event, unique in the world, is part of the studies that we’re carrying out on the benefits of music on the embryonic and foetal development. The benefits have been demonstrated in the study “Impact of exposure to music during in Vitro culture on embryo development”, that we presented two years ago at the annual meeting of the European Society of Assisted Reproduction (ESHRE).

These trials demonstrate that the vibrations, caused by the music, increase by 5% the success rate of in vitro fertilization and improve the development of the embryos. Therefore, the centre has developed an innovative method that includes the incorporation of music in all the incubators for embryos.

“By using this system we keep on moving forward to recreate, in the laboratory, the natural conditions that the embryos would have in the uterus, which improves the fertilization rates, that in our case, are already amongst the best rates worldwide.”, explains Dr. Marisa López-Teijón, Assisted Reproduction Director.

The Singer said that it was a “unique experience” and he reminded us that music is one of the most primitive ways of human communication. “In my opinion, it’s wonderful that Dr. López-Teijón and her team apply this principle in their research and that they think that music has to be part of life from the very first day”, explained Orozco.