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I want to get pregnant now!portada libro 3D ENGL

Download for free Dr. Marisa López-Teijón’s book

This Christmas we would like to offer as a gift the free download of the book by the director of our centre, Dr Marisa López-Teijón, to all those people interested in topics related to fertility and assisted reproduction. In the book I want to get pregnant now! she answers all questions related to pregnancy in order to fulfill the dream of becoming a mother. It is an essential guide of fertility for all women who want to have a baby.

Throughout the month of December and until the 15th of January, the book will be available free of charge at the following link:

Essential fertility guide

Published by Editorial Amat, “I want to get pregnant now!” tells the story of three women who have decided to have a child and are facing a lot of questions, uncertainties, fears and misconceptions.

With a very personal and sincere approach, based on exhaustive scientific research, Dr Marisa López-Teijón offers practical advice and tips to help women who are in this situation: how to choose a clinic, which medical tests are necessary, how to get the right diagnosis, when to resort to IVF with egg donation, how to deal with genetic issues and what kind of fertility treatments are available.

I want to get pregnant now! eliminates taboos and clarifies misconceptions surrounding fertility, providing reliable and transparent information to accompany women trying to conceive. This book is informative, emotional and surprising: it is a practical, scientific and heartfelt guide. The book covers different issues: from the different ways on how to cope with motherhood in our days to medical details on fertility and the different treatments on assisted reproduction that a woman who wants to get pregnant should know.

We invite all readers to share the link to download the book, on their social networks, so that everyone who is interested has free access to the electronic version of I want to get pregnant now!