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The Director of Institut Marquès, Dr Marisa López-Teijón, selected among the ten most influential women in the health and medical sector.

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Business Beyond Exclamation (b!) is an international magazine that focuses on the business sector from the point of view of the most influential entrepreneurs and business leaders. Its aim is to discover the people who inspire the transformation of our world and are decisive in technological evolution through their knowledge, achievements and work.

In its first issue of 2021, it features the ten most influential women who are making a difference in the health and medical sector. The research team at Beyond Exclamation! wanted to acknowledge the work and career of Dr Marisa López-Teijón, Director of Institut Marquès, by including her in their list and choosing her for the cover of this special edition.

With over one million subscribers, Beyond Exclamation (b!) is a pioneering international initiative in the field of economics, technology, science and culture. In the editorial and the report dedicated to Dr Marisa López-Teijón and Institut Marquès, her leadership in the evolution of Gynaecology and Assisted Reproduction is highlighted. Among her innovations, it underlines the use of music at the beginning of life, in In Vitro Fertilisation treatments and during pregnancy, the implementation of the best technology in the laboratories of her centres, the creation of the first Embryo Adoption programme and her research on the relationship between toxins and fertility. Also her interest and studies on the male factor in infertility and the leading role she has given to the male in the diagnosis and treatment of this disease. As for Dr López-Teijón herself, this influential magazine highlights her capacity for innovation and leadership as well as her inspiring concept of excellence.