We celebrate with you the 100th anniversary of Institut Marquès

Felicitacio nadal 2021

This year we are celebrating our centenary, reaffirming ourselves as a family and personal project with a wonderful goal: excellence.

Institut Marquès owes its name to the family whose members have represented the unity and continuity of the centre over time. Its founder, Dr Vicens Marquès i Bertrán, began practising as a gynaecologist in 1922.

Throughout this time, the vocation for gynaecology has been passed down from generation to generation: to Dr Leonardo Marquès Giraut, son of Dr Vicens Marquès; to his grandson, Dr Leonardo Marquès Amorós and to his great-grandson, Dr Borja Marquès López-Teijón. Under the guidance of Dr Marisa López-Teijón, the current director of the centre, Institut Marquès has introduced the most innovative medical techniques in our country and has become an international reference centre in Assisted Reproduction.

We celebrate with you the 100th anniversary of Institut Marquès.
Together we continue to create families all over the world.