We plant a tree for every child born thanks to our Assisted Reproduction treatments: with the international platform TREEDOM we have planted more than 1,000 trees in less than a year.

For years, Institut Marquès has been leading research in the field of Assisted Reproduction and the environment. Since 2002, we have published studies focusing on semen quality and the negative effects of environmental pollution on fertility. We have identified that toxins, specifically endocrine disruptors, and pollution are linked to increasing rates of infertility in industrialised areas.

Having noticed the role of pollution in reproductive health, Institut Marquès initiated efforts to combat this trend. In 2018, we launched “The Forest of Embryos”, a Corporate Social Responsibility project, in collaboration with L’Escurçó, an environmental NGO in Tarragona. For each child that has come into the world thanks to our Assisted Reproduction treatments, we plant a tree. Today, with the support of Treedom, this forest has evolved into a global project.

A gift for our patients

With the birth of their child, patients at Institut Marquès receive a tree as a gift, which, by means of Treedom, will be planted in the Forest of Embryos. You will be able to choose the species and name it after your child, if you wish. Through this platform, you can follow and share, online, the story of your tree, of the community that grows it and of the Institut Marquès’ Forest.

Institut Marquès launched its collaboration with Treedom last February. Since then, more than 1,000 trees have been planted in Ghana, Cameroon, Malawi, Kenya and Tanzania. The tree species planted are native or respect the biodiversity of the different territories: cocoa, coffee, guava, lemon and cashew, among others. The agroforestry practice also integrates the planting of trees into a local agricultural system. In this way, in addition to the environmental impact, our project also contributes to produce social and economic benefits in different communities.

Discover the Institut Marquès Forest of Embryos.