Always in our minds

Dear donor:

In July, thanks to your generosity, we became parents of a little girl.

We were trying for a baby for the last 15 years and we had almost lost all our hopes. But only with one egg donation cycle, our biggest dream finally came true. That is why we are so grateful that we cannot even put it in words. We fully respect your decision.

Even though our daughter was born one month earlier, she is healthy and clever. She is very good and quiet. And she is gorgeous. She is dark blonde with blue eyes.

We do everything we can to be good parents and make her happy. Nevertheless, when she is a bit older we will also explain to her how she was “created”, and that a very good lady, in addition to us, made the arrival possible.

Once more, we would like to give you our sincere thank you and wish you the best.

We hope your biggest dream comes true.

Always in our minds.

With all our love.

The parents.

(Sabadell, August 2014)