A dream came true

After six unexplained miscarriages and no hopes for the future, I contacted this fantastic center. Dr. Suñol, who is an exceptional person, studied our case and we did an embryo donation treatment. I knew, without a doubt, that I was in good hands. We had suffered so much for the last five years of marriage… They welcomed us wonderfully and followed our case from start to finish. Fifteen days after the transfer, the pregnancy test was more than positive.

We couldn’t believe it. The dream of our life was happening –when we heard the beat of her tiny heart I forgot all the suffering. The personnel are wonderful and followed the whole pregnancy. Even when I had my doubts, they would get back to us with an answer within a couple of hours. In March 2014 I became mother of a beautiful girl –now, she is our reason to live. I will go back to Institut Marquès for my second baby, and why not… for my third also! They gave to us the world’s most beautiful thing and I’ll never be able to thank them enough.

(Verona, May 2015)