A life of light and joy

Dear Dr. Andrade,

How are you?

We’re very well. Our little Lucía grows very fast and next week she’ll be 9 months old.
She already has 4 teeth and she is full of beans.

A few days ago she was weighed and measured: she is 8’100kg and 71 cm. She is quite tall, about 85th percentile.
She already says dad, mum, and believe it or not she can say your name!

She tries to stand up and crawl, so we always have to keep an eye on her.
We are on breastfeeding and complimentary foods, and we are also trying Baby Led Weaning.

She is a baby with lots of character, very clever, and she lets you know what she likes and what she doesn’t.

Since she arrived, our life has been transformed into a life of light and joy.

Thank you for being part of our littler miracle, the universe has led us to you.

A big hug for you and your family.

Carmen, Alberto y Lucía.
(Valencia, march 2016)