All your dreams really can come true

My husband and I got the shocking news 9 years ago that we would never have our own biological children. After tests and treatment we discovered I had no eggs left and my husband did not produce sperm. We were 34 years old at the time and devastated. We got on with our lives and tried to accept things. Then last year we found out about embryo adoption. We had never heard of it before and discovered this was something we could do in Ireland. After doing research and talking to another lady who had gone through the process we decided it was the right thing for us. We went ahead with the treatment and we are currently 14 weeks pregnant. I will be 43 in a few weeks time. This is just the best thing to ever happen to us. We are so excited and so grateful to be given the chance to be parents, all thanks to Institut Marquès. We had considered adoption as an option in the past, but embryo adoption gives you the chance to carry the child and bond from even before conception. We forget at times that this is not our biological child. To us this is our baby and we can’t wait to give he/she all our love. We will tell the baby about how it came into the world and how much it was wanted. We are so grateful to the doctors and staff in Clane. They all made our journey to this point so special. I would reccommend embryo adoption to anyone. The procedure was so simple. All your dreams really can come true.​

Kayla and Nolan
(Dublin, August 2019)