Institut Marquès, the best choice to win the battle

I feel compelled to write this message for two reasons: to thank the clinic and to send a message of hope.

I remember when I was reading, day after day, the blog of Dr. López Teijón and the testimonials of other people who were unable to have a child. It was important, it gave me hope, and I thought that one day I I would make my dream come true.

Those, who have had to fight this battle, know how long and hard it can be (10 years in our case and 10 attempts of insemination, in vitro fertilization and crio-transfer).

For us it was crucial to continue TO THINK POSITIVE, BE PATIENT AND BE CONVINCED THAT IT COULD SUCCEED. It is true that to think that way cost us a couple of defeats, but it helped us see the light on the path that led us to Institut Marquès.

From our point view, there are assisted reproduction clinics and then there is Institut Marquès: they can heal your soul, pretty hurt along the battle, thanks to their treatment and the way they work. And in the end you get a great reward: a pregnancy and a child.

Sometimes it can happen that, despite having found the best place to make a dream come true, you still need to go through some “skirmishes”. We were successful; we achieved pregnancies (which we had never before), but they were non evolutive. However, thanks to the perseverance, listening to the doctors and trusting the specialists, finally our baby has arrived.

It is true that resources are limited and sometimes you just want to give up the fight, but looking at our child and remembering the pregnancy and the birth, I can say that the happiness, peace, love and tranquillity that we have now is the best we could have ever dreamed of.

So do not give up: everything seems impossible until you do it, and INSTITUT MARQUÈS is the best choice to win the battle.

Granada, December 2016