Cristina’s thoughts: being a mother thanks to embryo adoption

Lucas was born on May 13th. He’s WONDERFUL… I can’t say he’s the cutest, as all babies are this weird combination between ugly and cute. What I do know is about the beautiful way in which he moves and about how much I love him.

He always sleeps hidden under my breast. Some people have asked if I would be able to breast-feed him, as if it weren’t a natural process only because it wasn’t my egg cell! Such ignorance… He eats from my breast compulsively and then always hides beneath it to go to sleep…

Everything I felt throughout the pregnancy was curious: I have always felt my decision of “adopting” was great. It was both of us who needed an adoption, he adopted me and I adopted him. People’s reaction to the story is good. I don’t hide it, as I believe I can help many other people by telling my story naturally.

I know many people still are reluctant to the thought they might not use their own sperm or egg cells, but most of them eventually realize the silliness of it all. I absolutely respect and understand those who think this way , but it would be nice if by the end of the road they know about the existence of this option, which is as generous as adopting grown up children.

(Barcelona, 2011 march)