Dear “Kind Donor”

I wanted to write to let you know how much we appreciate your donating your eggs to enable us to create our family. Thanks to your generosity, we have a daughter called Rebecca who was five in January, and a son called Kylian who was three at Easter.

This Christmas, Rebecca was chosen to play the part of “Mary” in her first school play, and her innate and learnt mothering skills touched the hearts of the entire audience as she sang to the “Jesus” doll as if it were a real baby.

Our children play together constantly, clearly enjoying each other’s company, games of make-believe, stories and role play loosely based on that day’s activity! Kylian might be building the aeroplane from cushions on the floor whilst Rebecca is busy serving food to Teddy and Dolly the passengers!!

They adore each other as much as my husband and I love them. Becoming a mother in this way has been such an incredibly joyful experience for me, and it is impossible to put in words how enormously grateful I am to you. Twice!

As a family we speak about you often and wonder about you. We refer to you as the “Kind Lady” and we would love to know more about you.

With warmest wishes for YOUR future happiness,

(London, June 2012)