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Five stars for Institut Marquès

If there were more stars I would gladly give them to show how much this clinic, with its professionalism and open-mindedness (which unfortunately does not happen here in Italy) has made it possible for my husband and I to become parents of two wonderful children, a girl and a boy. You are professionals with a capital P: seriousness, friendliness, kindness. Despite the distance, if I needed anything you contacted me. I was also followed by a gynaecologist here in Italy, but your intervention was crucial. We went to several clinics, but yours, with the embryo adoption programme, allowed us to be reborn. To say thank you for what you do is insufficient, but keep on giving couples the hope of becoming parents and above all not to feel alone or judged or simply hopeless because in our case you have given it back to us. Just as you helped a couple of friends of ours to become parents of three children. I could write for hours and tell you all that we have been through and experienced… but the 5 stars express what we think. Of course, this is our experience, but I hope it can be of help to those who, like us, have found themselves facing this problem.

(Turin, August 2021)