I will teach him to be selfless and generous, as She taught me

Dear Maria Grazia, Manuela, Karin, Andreina, Silvia and Serena,

I would like to inform you about Claudio’s birth on August 10th.

I did not tell you before because he was in neo-natal intensive care for a month and a half.

A few days ago I hung the blue ribbon on the door, when he was discharged from the hospital. It was a difficult moment, with ups and downs: Claudio weighed 975 grams at birth and he has more or less followed the development process of all premature babies.

I have thought of you a lot. I am grateful to all of you and to your clinic for the birth of this little baby, which is so funny with his nice expressions.

It is inevitable that our thoughts go out especially to her, the donor. Thanks to her donation I have become a mother.

I would like to tell her that we are and will always be grateful. Claudio will not have my eyes or my nose, but I will do everything possible so he has my optimism, my desire of learning and my sensitivity. Surely, I will teach him to be as selfless and generous as she taught me with her gesture.

Thanks again from the bottom of my heart,

Pescara, October 2016