Institut Marquès, the best clinic

Wonderful Giulia,

Thanks for your quick response.

In the past few months, at least ten women with fertility issues have asked me where I have undergone treatment. For me Institut Marqués has been and will always be the best clinic (and I have visited a few), so, if I can be of use to some other women or couples, I will always advise them to contact you; your professionalism is unique, but what in my case really made the difference was the humanity, kindness and availability of the staff and the relationship we established with them all.

Today, with my mother and sister-in-law, we have prepared the hospital bag. My gosh, what a feeling!

I send you a big hug (and another one for the sweet Ilaria) and I wish you a nice day.

P.S.: Giulia was one of the names I had on the list, but my partner did not like it… It is proven that men do not understand much about babies, names, etc…

Rosanna and Claudio

Foggia, june 2018