Jayden, our little blessing

We have fantastic news, Jayden arrived into the world this morning (1-7-15) at 8.12am weighing in at 3.64kgs. He arrived a week earlier than scheduled and at 38 weeks.

Our Obstetrician scheduled a C section for next Wednesday (39 weeks), but Jayden decided to come at his own time. He looks and seems very healthy which is a delight.

Mary did have a C section as it was decided it would be easier on her and the bub.

So thank you so much for helping to make our dream a reality, it’s very much appreciated and hopefully you can both get to meet him one day.

Mary is doing well and so is our little blessing. Jayden means, “to be thankful and that God has heard our cry.”

Again, thank you so much.

Be blessed.

(Melbourne, July 2015)